Stitching us up

14 10 2017

Vivisection of the soul, a forced meeting – of the little girl that perished and the brother who loved her just a little too much.

A blurring of all lines – a flowing together of sorts. Of time and all other boundaries.

Like a shadow, forever one but always wearing two faces. The brother, the lover, and the little girl in between.

A river of silence keeps the scene together – a broken photograph covered in the dust of time.

Love, a decade has passed. So much has changed on the other side of ‘the silence’.

But here we whisper, We wait. Mute, we bathe in air slick with your love-stained kisses



I fucking miss you

27 09 2017


Védett: Gutting party

27 09 2017

Ez a tartalom jelszóval védett, megtekintéséhez alul meg kell adni a jelszót:

A year

21 09 2017

A year that skips by on antelope legs
And revolves around your head like a halo of blue lagoons

Where the water you breathe sustains you
And your breaths come soft and shallow in the night

…we all did things we aren’t proud of
While we got by on nowt but lungfuls of water and mouthfuls of moss

Before a hand reached over and yanked you out of your sweet delirium

A year skipped by unnoticed




An owl in the window

20 09 2017

An owl in the window,
Fair-feathered friend of the frail
Roams over the distance
Like your glance glazed over with pearly icing
And cake, that you eat
Ever so timidly in the realm of the noir.

Like the movies, black and white on your lips
That you kiss away into grey
Once dawn descends and blasts away
With orange glow your worries and fears

Let them eat cake.
Let them toss and turn in their boxes
Engulfed in flames
As the tower burns and leaves behind some ashen windowsills
And black dust settling
Over murky puddles on the pavement.

It’s the November rain
Drumming on your windows in a world
That’s lost all sound.
Thuds and thumps and vibrations remain,
Zig-zagging their way through the void, snakes of frequencies
Growing new heads once the old ones fall
In the dust – and are carried away by
Hungry owls of the night.




It’s a sign of the times

11 05 2017

If you just hold me, S… I know we can brave it all.


The Void

3 05 2017

One foot in the puddle. One wrapped in wires. And you light up the sky, the grid coming to life with an ephemeral buzz – the constant hum of the city drowned out by a sharp intake of breath.


Breathe, you say to me, tapping on my temples. It’s fine. It’s fine for now and there might not be a later. You string me up. You lower me down. You’re the vast expanse stretching between the nowhere and the now.

Electric fluid.

Lungs filled up with junk, head’s blank – black, really, sizzling with nausea, empty with asphyxiation. How are you doing, anyway?

You’re clear.

Like spit dribbling down my windscreen as I scrape a bit of crap off the glass. It’s full of scratches, yellowed with age and just overall nasty,  isn’t it? I don’t want to look at it anymore. You can have my car.

You can have my everything.

No one’s going nowhere in this verse. Empty, rhythmless black hole of thoughts. Windscreen, headlights, a deer smudged all across the pavement. Nothing means anything anymore.

It’s concentric circles of pure, limitless blackness I’m drowning in. It’s a vacuum. Gravity’s got no grips on me anymore.